Welcome to Heritage Turkey Farm

Free Range TurkeysHeritage Turkey Farm is a small family farm nestled in the hills of Waupaca, Wisconsin. We are a small town of about 6000 people who live life with old fashion values of hard work and taking care of each other and our community.

We raise only American Bronze Turkeys and have found that these turkeys are filled with a natural vigor, vitality and offer an excellent quality of meat. Although we have raised other turkeys in the past, we are sold on these. The meat has a full delicious taste range, not like the industrial mass produced white turkeys, that have lost the natural taste and texture of the traditional long ago turkey flavor and texture. Our turkeys are the traditional "Norman Rockwell " type turkey, with beautiful natural wild feathering, which fly and roam the earth, as long ago, but are domesticated and social. They have been preserved on heritage farms, like ours.

Our farm is complete with a small hatchery, a few out buildings to protect the youngest turkeys from the elements and predators, and two dogs who are members of our family, Jack and Patty. Jack is a smooth coat black and tan collie and is the protector of our flock. Patty is a Chihuahua and our mascot.

We have a small shipping area, a walk in freezer stocked with turkeys ready to ship, and a feed storage area. Extra storage, egg boxes, smaller freezers and our office can be found in the house. All of this is surrounded by acres of pastures and trees for our turkeys and family. We enjoy raising turkeys for your enjoyment.