Meet Bob and Carol

We are a smaller family operation, which takes great care and pride in providing the most well cared for turkeys possible. Our staff is small, but we work hard to treat each customer how we would expect to be treated! 

We know how to enjoy the best of country living and we enjoy raising our Heritage American Bronze Turkeys with the help of our dog, Jack, and Patty the mascot. 

Carol teaches preschool children at a Catholic school and volunteers at her church and school.  She is interested in helping make her community the best it can be.

Bob is a hands on man always looking for a way to grow his turkeys bigger and better, but always with high quality in mind and only using natural methods.

Since we are a smaller family operation we call on friends and neighbors for a little support now and then. Helping to ensure we are well staffed during the busier times to the year.

Thanks to all, and especially to our customers!

Heritage Turkey farm