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Thank You for a wonderful Year. Sale prices are good until this year's turkeys are sold out. All Turkeys ordered from this date on will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday after they were ordered as usual unless another date is requested.


Welcome to Heritage Turkey Farm

Heritage Turkey Farm is a small family owned and operated farm nestled in the out lying country hills of Waupaca, in central Wisconsin. We are people who live life with old fashion values of hard work and taking care of each other, our community and our turkeys.

We raise American Bronze Free Range Turkeys. American Bronze Turkeys are filled with a natural vigor, vitality, are winter hardy and provide an excellent quality of meat. Our Turkeys are from the original line of Wishard turkeys. They mate naturally and are disease resistant. The meat has a full delicious taste range, not like the industrial mass produced white turkeys you find in most grocery stores.

Fresh Heritage TurkeysTaste a Turkey the Way Nature Intended

If you have never eaten a Heritage Turkey, now is a good opportunity to try one. Conventional supermarket turkeys can be tasteless and dry, Heritage Turkeys, free range raised, are juicy and succulent. Heritage Turkeys develop a thin layer of naturally occurring healthy fat, rich in omega-3, under the skin, (between 6-7 months of age) which actually makes them self basting?

We have been raising Heritage Turkeys since 1999 and maintain our own breeders. Our turkeys are allowed to roam as much as possible on our farm, guarded by our smooth coated collie, Jack. Our turkeys spend their lives living outdoors, exploring, socializing, flying, and mating naturally. Our Heritage Turkeys love their natural healthy snacks: sunflower seeds, lettuce, berries, nuts and apples. They also enjoy a diet of grasses and supplemental feed that is custom ground and has essential vitamins and minerals added. Our American Bronze Heritage turkeys are raised with no animal by-products or artificial hormones. They are humanely raised and processed and we follow all organic practices and processes supported by WI USDA.

Our American Bronze Turkeys are keeping alive the preservation of a rare breed of turkeys with distinctive, natural, healthy, and taste conscious characteristics.

Order your turkey today and taste the difference!